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Thank you for visiting this site.
For the picnickers who don't already know, my name is Njo Kong Kie.

Why Music Picnic?
A picnic, whether casual or formal, is always eclectic, joyful, whimsical, romantic, intimate and tasty -
as is the musical experience we strive to create.

Come picnic with us!

In anticipation of our 2017/18 season, a new edition of our website will be live Oct 16th, made possible by the support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Two collaborations with Macau artists will be on tour in Canada in the 2017/18 season.

First up is the music theatre Mr. Shi and His Lover at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto in Nov/Dec 2017
and the National Arts Centre in Ottawa in Jan 2018,
followed by Picnic in the Cemetery at Canadian Stage in May 2018.

Photos by Joel Slonetsky and Ao Ieong Mike.

Thanks for visiting!