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Eye Weekly critic Christopher Hoile gave La Senorita Mundo four stars:

Don't let the words "operatic" or "allegory" put you off this immensely entertaining musical gem. Njo Kong Kie's electronic music, played on a laptop, is full of good tunes and dance beats with wonderfully rich voices floating on waves of techno and trance. Julius (Keith Klassen) is celebrating his 40th birthday, but an uninvited guest (Vilma Vitols), the Spanish title's "Miss World" drops in. We can guess the many things she might represent long before her unmasking, but the fun is in the duo's sizzling flirtation and Julius's sudden awakening from party-time narcissism to a glimpse of life's mystery. Let's hope for a second run.

Concert, Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre, May 2008 
a review  by John Terauds of the Toronto Star.

Performance of knotty together in Dublin, Ireland, May 2008
a review
  by Gordon Farrell for the website QueerID.

Of The Futures Market, Eye Weekly critic Gord McLaughlin wrote:

Composer Njo Kong Kie contributed the beautiful score to The Futures Market... It was so musically gorgeous that the politics of the scenario became incidental to this critic.

About Day OFF's CD Picnic in the cemetery

"Playful ... heartfelt ... satisfying"
"a pleasure to behold"

- David Olds, editor, Wholenote magazine

"The rare ideal of new music that is also pleasant listening"
- John Terauds Toronto Star

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Formula 1

GRABS YOU FROM THE START! Excellent work! This piece grabs your attention right out of the gate. Great use of counterpoint to make things interesting. The violin is beautiful... A brooding, dark composition that leaves me wanting more!!!
- enursha from Columbus, Mississippi on 8Jan2007

Phenomenal Doesn't Begin to Describe it A hard hitting beautifully played violin lead started this song off and I was instantly captivated. When the rest of the instruments came in carrying the same sort of intensity and vigour I was blown away. Literally, I feel this is the best song I have heard on garageband to date...
- MaciejPiN from Canada on 13Jan2007

Cool Very Amelie sound track worthy...This piece is definitely a character piece. You feel exactly what the artists wants you to feel... This song is a great experience. The performance is great.
- Stahlsj28 from Chicago, Illinois on 1Nov2006

Industrial strength Paganini Awesome musicianship.. The arrangement has a great effect of urgency, like traditional instruments emulating electronic ones. A very strong piece... complex repetitive arrangement, its like Vivaldi's Nuclear winter.
- scannura from Jerez, Cadiz, Spain on 29Nov2006 Lost Dreams
Awards: Track of the Day; Best Production; Best Melody; Best Mood; Bitter Breakup Song

Blown Blown Blown away I was... I simply love this track...I listened quite a few times, and I love it all the way, you pass through some fantastic moods along the way. Very epic in a way. Kisses and hugs from me:-)
-ThePlace from Odense, Denmark on 24Oct2006

Nicely composed with attention to detail Very peaceful and reflective. Beautiful harmonies with layers building and becoming more intricate. Nice composition with attention to detail...evokes emotion...played with passion.
- Sub76 from Nelson, New Zealand on 23Oct2006

Great acoustic (orchestra-based) ambient cannon This is an easy to listen to orchestral cannon with good progression, and an over all ambient sound and mood... the ambience generated is stunning...
- gfrohring from Denver, Colorado on 19Oct2006

Parle Moi

Beautifully haunting Beautiful haunting piano open. The interplay between the two string parts is captivating. I like the interesting arpeggios beneath the strings. It's really a nice dichotomy...The piece is excellent and performed superbly.
- jake_karlsmark from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 10Jan2007

beautiful work I could not stop myself to listen to it again.How not to appreciate this music?... beautiful melodies dances and mixes with each other with a marvelous softness. simple music, yet incredibly original, very emotional.
- Amystheryum from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on 17Jan2007

Beautiful Music No comment...the Music is so beautiful, it made my day. so sensual. violins are breath taking, piano is so good. good harmony and the mix is great. seriously very very good job.
- jazzistic from Egypt, Egypt on 17Jan2007

I love this I love Piazzolla and all things that have come close. The arrangement is lovely, I like the crunchy bits in the piano, just enough edge... the best thing I've heard on Garage Band.
- mattheaton from Medford, Massachusetts on 5Jan2007

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